Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Fun!

What a fun 4th we had! First we went to the Carnation parade. We met up with Dan's Mom, Dan's Aunts, Uncle, 3 of his cousins and a 2nd cousin. Natalie had so much fun for the kiddie parade. They throw candy at all the kids and she caught on real fast that if you wave, they'll throw candy right at you. At first she was just trying to eat it but I had to show her to put it down so she can get more and then eat it at the end. So she'd wave, they'd throw candy, she'd run all over picking it all up (sometimes I had to help because both hands were so full....they were not stingy), put it in her wagon and then wave to the next group. It was cute. Then we met up with Dan's family for the rest of the parade. After that, we went home to put her down for a nap and then off to Barb and Jay's we went. hey had about 60 people there! Natalie was a doll and had so much fun riding the cars in the driveway, riding the powerwheel for the first time (she had no concept of steering), playing on the swingset out back and watching the fireworks. She held a sparkler too and after the initial fear of it...she ended up loving them and I think did 5. We got home at 10 and she was out...but still woke up at 7 the next morning. Such a morning person. Oh well, at least she wakes up happy.

I love these pictures. He loves that little girl so much.

Natalie was SOOO excited for the parade. She doesn't know what a parade is, all she knew was Daddy promised her a balloon. Of course they didn't have the cheap regular balloons that she would have been happy as a clam with. We had to get the $8 plastic kind. Out of allll the choices they had, she wanted Spongebob. The exact same one she got last year, but he broke. She has slept with him every night so far, so I guess it was a good choice.

Dan made a cushioned back for the wagon. Spoiled girl!

My sister Beth and her hubby Wes at Barb and Jay's

Boys and their toys. Here's everyone playing with Dan's potato gun. It was a big hit.

Here is Natalie on the Power Wheel. So much fun. Like I said though, no concept of steering. At one point, she was going straight for the hedge and I was yelling at her "Turn! Turn!" and she turned (while driving) to look at me and say "What?" right as she ran into the hedge.

Jena loaded up the kids and took them on a quick tractor ride

I can't believe how old my baby neice is....

The big toy that kept the kids busy for hours

Firework time! They were shooting roman candles at the fence.

Natalie set her baby in the chair and then sat in the one next to it and was "hanging out"

Natalie taking her cousin Shayna for a ride.

Yummy hamburgers!

This little boy jumped in the car and she handed him her baby and said "here, you can hold her!"

How cute is that hair?!

A baby is always with her

Shayna riding the car

Shayna and Abby riding in the car

Natalie holding a sparkler

Shayna's turn!

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Michelle said...

Hi Becky,

I am excited to see you have a blog. You and Barbara Jean are the missing links in my Briton family puzzle. I have met everyone else.

Thanks for the kind comments on the house. We are very proud of it and are eternally grateful and in awe of Tom.

Feel free to stop by any time you are heading south. We would LOVE to meet you and your family and I am sure it goes without saying that we LOVE to show off the house.