Saturday, October 17, 2009


I know it's been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I don't know if anyone even looks at it anymore......if you do, leave a comment to let me know. Anyone out there? Buler? ;)

We went to Remlinger Farm this year to pick pumpkins. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a beautiful day! Expensive though, geesh! We got 3 good sized pumpkins. Nothing too big, not too small (actually, you can see the three we got in the picture with Dan and Natalie behind the wheel barrow) and it totaled $30! I would have thought that a u-pick patch would have been less because they don't have to cut, clean and wax them like stores do. But was worth it! Lots of fun! Natalie was obsessed with the green pumpkins so we let her get one. Grandma and her friend joined us too! I wanted (and found) a tall skinny pumpkin too because we got a Seasame Street pumpkin carving kit and I figured a tall skinny pumpkin would be perfect for Burt (right? Burt is the tall skinny one and Ernie is the regular one?). After that we went and had lunch and ice cream in their restaurant. I must say though, the main reason, OK, well.......the ONLY reason I picked Remlinger Farm is to get their Bubble Gum ice cream. I am not a huge Bubble Gum ice cream fan. i like it, but their are many other flavors I like more. Plus, when I was little, I liked the kind with the gum chunks in it (thinking back....yuck! I would pick out all the gum chunks and put them on a napkin while continuing to eat the ice cream. Once the ice cream was gone and I had a pile of bubble gum chunks, frozen bubble gum chunks, with the color bleeding all over the place because they are wet from the ice cream, and then put all of those in my mouth and make this giant gum wad. Yuck!) but now that I am an old lady, I don't like that kind because they freeze and are hard to chew. But my FAVORITE Bubble Gum ice cream is the blue bubble gum ice cream with no bubble gum chunks. YUMMM! The "Sugar and Spice" candy store in Long Beach, WA used to sell that kind of Bubble Gum ice cream too and I couldn't get enough. Oh man, I am craving it all over again just thinking about it. Anyway....every time I have gone to Remlinger's they have sold that Bubble Gum ice cream. Of course, wouldn't you know it, they don't have that flavor anymore. I could have and still could cry. I need to find me some of that ice cream. If I have anyone that actually looks at this blog who knows where I can find that smooth blue bubble gum ice cream....please please PLEASE fill me in on where it's at!

So....great day! Lots of fun! And great pictures! (I am including a few other pics too, from different days, so make sure to go to the end) :) I LOVE fall and can't wait for Christmas season!! We will probably be in our new house by Christmas and yes....I have already been figuring out where the tree will be going. Exciting times for the Gallegos'!

Haha....yeah right. There was no way she could pick that one up, but she sure gave it all might!

Can you find Natalie?

Dan, Natalie and Grandma in the pumpkin patch.

Family picture in the patch. The sun was in Natalie's eyes and she needed someone/something to block it. The picture turned out great though!

Natalie loved the green pumpkins and we let her get one. This is the green one she picked out and got and she insisted on helping Daddy carry it to the wheel barrow. two greatest loves! Isn't that a great picture? I already ordered an 8x10 of it today. Too great not to blow up and display!

On our way home and on a complete sugar high after a long fun day at the pumpkin patch!

Every morning when N wakes up, she curls up in her chair with a milk cup, blanket and lamby and watches a "Novie". She looks so old to me in this picture. Isn't she beautiful???

Natalie's best buddy Jayda got a pink caddy power wheel and she took Natalie for a ride. Bram even rigged it so it goes a lot faster! Jayda was so nice to even let Natalie drive it too. Scared me though because she is not too good (lack of experience) at steering. She definetly didn't get to drive on the fast seeting that Bram made. She did OK though. She did come an inch away from hitting Bram's truck. Luckily my body blocked it. Oops. Other than that, she did pretty good, but I preferred it when Jayda drove because she has more experience....and if she hits Bram's truck, it wasn't my kid that did it! ;)

Aren't they so cute together? And they get along soooo well. I have yet to have ever broken up an argument with them, so far. I have never even heard them argue. They just play play play. And they both LOVE babies too.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Fun!

What a fun 4th we had! First we went to the Carnation parade. We met up with Dan's Mom, Dan's Aunts, Uncle, 3 of his cousins and a 2nd cousin. Natalie had so much fun for the kiddie parade. They throw candy at all the kids and she caught on real fast that if you wave, they'll throw candy right at you. At first she was just trying to eat it but I had to show her to put it down so she can get more and then eat it at the end. So she'd wave, they'd throw candy, she'd run all over picking it all up (sometimes I had to help because both hands were so full....they were not stingy), put it in her wagon and then wave to the next group. It was cute. Then we met up with Dan's family for the rest of the parade. After that, we went home to put her down for a nap and then off to Barb and Jay's we went. hey had about 60 people there! Natalie was a doll and had so much fun riding the cars in the driveway, riding the powerwheel for the first time (she had no concept of steering), playing on the swingset out back and watching the fireworks. She held a sparkler too and after the initial fear of it...she ended up loving them and I think did 5. We got home at 10 and she was out...but still woke up at 7 the next morning. Such a morning person. Oh well, at least she wakes up happy.

I love these pictures. He loves that little girl so much.

Natalie was SOOO excited for the parade. She doesn't know what a parade is, all she knew was Daddy promised her a balloon. Of course they didn't have the cheap regular balloons that she would have been happy as a clam with. We had to get the $8 plastic kind. Out of allll the choices they had, she wanted Spongebob. The exact same one she got last year, but he broke. She has slept with him every night so far, so I guess it was a good choice.

Dan made a cushioned back for the wagon. Spoiled girl!

My sister Beth and her hubby Wes at Barb and Jay's

Boys and their toys. Here's everyone playing with Dan's potato gun. It was a big hit.

Here is Natalie on the Power Wheel. So much fun. Like I said though, no concept of steering. At one point, she was going straight for the hedge and I was yelling at her "Turn! Turn!" and she turned (while driving) to look at me and say "What?" right as she ran into the hedge.

Jena loaded up the kids and took them on a quick tractor ride

I can't believe how old my baby neice is....

The big toy that kept the kids busy for hours

Firework time! They were shooting roman candles at the fence.

Natalie set her baby in the chair and then sat in the one next to it and was "hanging out"

Natalie taking her cousin Shayna for a ride.

Yummy hamburgers!

This little boy jumped in the car and she handed him her baby and said "here, you can hold her!"

How cute is that hair?!

A baby is always with her

Shayna riding the car

Shayna and Abby riding in the car

Natalie holding a sparkler

Shayna's turn!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

Today we went to Newcastle Beach! What a great beach! Shaya and the kids came shortly after we got there. Natalie, my little fearless child, would walk to the water edge to get some water, which is fine...but I blink and she's walking out to the rope. No fear. Once Shaya got there she got to use the doughnut and she loves that thing. She kicks around all over the place. We had a great time but she was tired. She could barely stay awake to eat and didn't even want to watch the rest of her show. After she was done eating I asked her if she wanted to watch the rest of Einsteins or go to sleep. "Go to sleep" as she's walking to her room was her answer, to which I replied "You are SO your father's child". Dan is napping right now too at this moment. Those Gallegos' sure love to sleep. ;) I can't pick out my favorites. I love them all, so....there's lots of pics.

I taught her how to fill the bucket with wet sand to make a castle so if you notice at her feet...she did that all by herself!

Here's my fearless wonder going out there by herself

Shivering and freezing but having the time of her life!

Kiki and Sydney making castles too!

She had to come show me she got splashed

Little Miss Sydney

I love those buns!

Look at all those toys! Natalie and Noah having fun in the sand.

She loves this doughnut! She can kick around forever!